Business Promotions

Priority: Critical Product/Service: UploadMe/ Regarding: Uploads.

Dear visitors,

We’ve seen an increased number of spam of business promotions and search engine optimization (SEO) images and albums being uploaded – often duplicated content, trying to drive extra traffic to their site(s).

As of today (Tuesday, 2nd May 2017) ALL business promotions and search engine optimization (SEO) content will be deleted* unless you submit a ticket requesting permission (fee may be required depending on the business type).

Please keep in mine we will still remove content if we choose to (see our boring legal staff) including duplicate uploads.

* If you continue to re-upload and/or re-register, we’ll ban the IP addresses used and blacklist your usernames, file names and html header referer and file a report with (Spam Database), a local authority and (Federal Trade Commission).