DMCA Takedown Notices

What do I do if someone is sharing my images without my permission?
We comply fully with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and will act according to the law in response to any legitimate takedown request we receive. For information on our DMCA policy and how to submit a DMCA takedown notice to us.

UploadMe will continue to optimise the takedown process to fullfill all legal duties and guidelines. To reach this goal this takedown form is the only way notices will be accepted and processed.

  • The benefits of the takedown notice form:
  • Effective handling and prevention of copyright infringement
  • Simple handling, easy to use submission process
  • Faster processing of your take-down(s)
  • Improved documentation and logging

Our response to valid take down notices will be to remove the infringing material at the earliest possible opportunity additionally the uploader is marked as possible candidate for a ban.

Please submit a support ticket for DMCA notices.

Please note that UploadMe/Upload2.usĀ is only responsible for its own content. if another site is hot-linking images you’ve uploaded and you object to that, it’s your responsibility to speak to them directly.

Guides (we aren’t lawyers and we’re not responsibility for content on third-party websites):
Could it be ‘fair use’ content? Try the FREE web tool.