Introducing UploadMe v2.1

  • Added password protected albums
  • Added extended support for animated GIF images
  • Added GIF load button to listings (same as Facebook)
  • Added animated home cover slideshow (replaces the boring green)
  • Added WhatsApp share button
  • Added registration IP flood detection
  • Added automatic removal of not confirmed user accounts
  • Added support for private users likes/liked content
  • New Faster listing system
  • Improved Album cover image (listings)
  • Improved Password minimum length to 6 characters
  • Improved pagination style for mobile
  • Improved copy button behaviour for mobile devices
  • Improved uploader queue handling (doesn’t hang on big queue)
  • Improved enabled languages display for mobile
  • Fixed bug in image edit modal (not resetting form when creating an album)
  • Fixed bug in user profile page (no avatar on follow scroll)
  • Fixed bug in listings (small images overlaps)
  • Fixed bug in user search box (close icon)
  • Fixed bug in homepage (white page)
  • Fixed bug in listings (not working disable NSFW images)
  • Fixed bug in following
  • Fixed bug in profile followers/following (listing tools)
  • Fixed bug in image viewer (zoom in/out not working after loading large image)
  • Updated all translations