Removal Request

You can request images to be deleted by filling out a support ticket request. You may also delete your own images – subject to you being signed in before uploading.

To notify us of a claimed copyright infringement and request removal of something someone else has uploaded, please see our DMCA notification information.

You must submit full links, not direct image links. They can be links to albums and/or images.

My request was closed without a response?
If you’d like to request the deletion of your personal images or other images that may be in breach of UploadMe’s terms of service, please provide the full image or album URLs and a detailed reason why the images should be removed.

If you filed a support request for removal and didn’t get a response it’s likely you haven’t filed a valid removal request. We’ll only remove images that don’t follow our guidelines or if you provide proof you own the image with valid photo government documentation.