UploadMe v2.5

Heads Up! We’re looking for Beta Testers for our Google Chrome Extension! Please get in touch if you would like to know more and download.

New Features

      • Added rich HTML email templates
      • Added re-director for external URLs
      • Added focus to album select on move
      • Added NSFW blur for album thumbs and cover
      • Added missing translation placeholders
      • Added animated GIF images listing
      • Added trending content listing
      • Added popular content listing
      • Added recent content listing
      • Added new Explore menu
      • Added album views count
      • Added album likes
      • Added “Upload to this album” button (user/album)
      • Added “Create new album” button
      • Added select album on upload
      • Added button to add content when showing empty listings
      • Added filter to hide banned user content from explore
      • Added “Following” to Explore menu (shows content added by people you follow)
      • Added “Following” and “Followers” to user menu
      • Added arrow album navigation for images shared with “anyone with the link” option
      • Added album preview image when sharing to social networks
      • Added alphabetical sort order for albums
      • Added upload plugin
      • Added notification bell icon (top bar)
      • Added more image auto delete times
      • Added listing viewer (prev/next) navigation
      • Added keyboard shortcuts and gesture navigation (listing viewer)
      • Added maximum image upload size for guests (compare plans)
      • Added long-press action to display image toolbar


      • Removed privacy toggle from image uploader
      • Removed “or cancel” text from image uploader
      • Removed random mode button from mobile top bar
      • Removed user menu from mobile top bar
      • Removed notifications menu from mobile top bar
      • Removed reCAPTCHA on user settings form


      • Improved mobile listings
      • Improved resizing function (faster and less memory usage)
      • Improved Facebook connect handle
      • Improved image uploader look and feel (CSS styles and animation)
      • Improved image uploader translation placeholders
      • Improved list item title display (use CSS text-overflow to truncate titles)
      • Improved passwords maximum length to 128 chars (OWASP recommendation)
      • Improved top-bar for mobile devices
      • Improved membership plans article on knowledgebase (added new “Guest” column).


      • Fixed bug in password protected albums
      • Fixed bug with incorrect size handling
      • Fixed XSS vulnerability in Exif parser
      • Fixed XSS vulnerability in user profile
      • Fixed bug in content image upload filenames
      • Fixed bug in upload queue handling when removing each image
      • Fixed bug in Facebook login
      • Fixed bug in uploader queue (misplaced edit buttons)
      • Fixed bug in user website URL display
      • Fixed bug in Exif handler
      • Fixed bug in image delete (auto like issues)
      • Fixed bug in reCaptcha modal login box
      • Fixed bug in password protected albums and not working reCAPTCHA
      • Fixed bug in not found listings when using homepage as route explore
      • Fixed bug in drag-select feature


    • Updated frameworks + CDNs
    • Updated reCAPTCHA to v2
    • Updated all language translations