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Archived updates

Updates prior to version 2.1 have now been archived and will no longer appear on the “What’s New” release notes page.

We’ve provided the archived updates below.

v2.0.0 – 06/June/2016
Welcome back! As we explained we lost a lot of users and data, we’re kicking off our return with a massive bang! introducing UploadMe v2.0!

  • Added follow user system
  • Added following content stream
  • Added following/followers lists
  • Added image likes
  • Added “Most liked” listing filter
  • Added user liked list
  • Added user cumulative content view counter
  • Added notifications system
  • Added Markdown embed codes
  • Added album creation and registration IPs
  • Added global stats counter for images, albums, users and likes
  • Added daily stats counter
  • Added edit icon indicator for each image preview on upload
  • Added “oldest” view option
  • Added alphabetical order for album drop-down selection
  • Added one-click copy embed codes button
  • Added redirect to image on single image upload
  • Added absolute time display when hovering relative dates
  • Added private profiles
  • Keep me signed in, what’s this?
    — Improved —
  • Improved theme font-size (16px)
  • Improved user listing style
  • Improved album listing style
  • Improved general listings when using mobile
  • Deprecated “Logged user logo link” feature
  • Deprecated “Oldest” list filter
  • Improved custom CSS functionality
  • Improved image embed codes
  • Improved Adult Content guidelines.
    — Fixed —
  • Fixed bug in phablet view and user avatar on user profile page
  • Fixed bug in user settings with mandatory email field for social login
  • Fixed bug in full screen loader
  • Fixed bug in album view when selecting album description text
  • Fixed bug in image list when assigning multiple images to an album
  • Fixed bug in user settings when un-linking a social account
  • Fixed bug in image viewer with panorama images
  • Fixed bug in Twitter sharer
  • Fixed bug related to apple-touch-icon

v1.6.1 12/11/15
It’s been a while! We’re back with version 1.6.1.

  •  Added image upload from clipboard (Ctrl+V)
    — Fixed —
  • Fixed bug in upload title editor
  • Fixed bug in album viewer
  • Fixed bug with NSFW flag and image edit on upload
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in /search
  • Fixed bug in album description text select on drag select
  • Fixed bug in mobile menu scroll
  • Fixed bug in mobile menu on Firefox
  • Fixed bug in image delete
  • Fixed bug in conflicting header login box
  • Fixed bug in reCaptcha login modal
    — Improved —
  • Improved drag select functionality
  • Animations performance
  • Drag-select behaviour
  • Modal boxes
  • Support for large resolutions (4K Isn’t yet supported)

v1.6.01 27/07/15
A small minor update.

  • Added a Cookie message (first time visiting choose “Got it!” to dismiss) and modified our Cookie Policy to show what cookies we collect and use.
  • Minor UI improvements to the “Menu” list in navigation bar.

v1.6 20/07/15
A small minor update.

  • Added resize function (after upload)
  • Added show/hide NSFW content from others (Enable/Disable here)
  • Improved uploader queue functionality and styling
  • Fixed bug in upload top-bar toggle effect queue
  • Fixed bug in non displaying new queue buttons after queue done
  • Fixed some language strings (Spanish)
  • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages

v1.5.9 24/05/15
A small minor update.

  • Improved handle for resend activation email
  • Fixed bug with Yahoo email delivery
  • Fixed bug with album share via e-mail
  • Fixed bug with invalid HTML tags in email
  • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish translations.

1.5.8 22/03/15
A small minor update.

  • Advanced search
  • Improved user profile on mobile
  • reCaptcha V2
  • Updated Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations
  • Added Ukrainian and Greek translations
  • Improved listings (mobile)
  • Improved anywhere upload animation
  • Added function to fetch Facebook cover image to user background image
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter login handle

1.5.7 03/03/15
A small minor update.

  • This update includes minor improvements, bug fixes and increased performance.
  • We’ve also launched our Service Status & System Health which allows the ability to check the service status and health of UploadMe features.

1.5.6 16/09/14

  • We made some behind the scene changes and improvements to our Application Programming Interface (API) to allow the new version of the desktop application.
  • Added two new categories: GIFs and eCards.
  • Announcing the Desktop App (ShareX) – give it a go!
    For a step-by-step guide including images on setting up ShareX with UploadMe please see Getting Started with ShareX.

1.5.1 – 1.5.5 09/09/14

  • Added universal drop zone for drag and drop uploads
  • Added automatic image descriptions from filename
  • Updated Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations
  • Fixed overflow issues with mobile devices
  • Added a new category called Interwebz which is where you can upload Internet related things.


  • Introducing image categories – All – Abstract – Animals – Architecture – Art – Brands – Cars – Celebrities – Funny – Girls – People and Sports.
  • Albums can now have descriptions
  • Profile cover photos now blend in with the header
  • Updated French, German, Spanish and Russian translations
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