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Getting Started with ShareX

ShareX is free and Open Source and you can download it from the ShareX website and once downloaded proceed to install ShareX on your computer.

Step-by-step guide:

Download the latest version of ShareX.Step 1
Run the ShareX setup file and follow the on-screen installationStep 2
Once installed open and run ShareX and click on DestinationsStep 3
Choose Destination Settings...Step 4
Scroll down and find Custom UploadersStep 5
elect the Import method and choose From clipboard
(You can find that all important code here just use Ctrl + C to copy)
Step 6
You should see something like this in the test result log: URL: 7
Mission complete!
Remember to set UploadMe as the destination.
Destinations => Image Uploader => Custom Image Uploader.
Step 8

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