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UploadMe 1.5.8 (22/03/15)

07/04/15: Guest uploads have been enabled again. We’ve installed a server-side spam script to reduce the number of spam/fake accounts. We will continue to monitor the situation. You can now also contact our support team or Tweet us on our support account (shown above at the top of every page).
25/03/15: We’ve disabled guest uploads temporarily while we work on a plugin to reduce spam uploads. However, our API will remain working and accept guest uploads.

“UploadMe has had make overs from version to version we thought it would be awesome to share theses below with everyone so you can see what we have added, There is constantly updates going on at UploadMe this page is updated after each update that happens so you will always be in the know.”

  • Added advanced search
  • Improved user profile on mobile
  • reCaptcha V2
  • Updated Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations
  • Added Ukrainian and Greek translations
  • Improved listings (mobile)
  • Improved anywhere upload animation
  • Added function to fetch Facebook cover image to user background image
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter login handle

Thanks for choosing UploadMe! :-)

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