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UploadMe – (15/01/15)

Thanks for your feedback everyone! We have listened to our visitor feedback collected from 03/01/15 – 15/01/15 and a few of the feedback forms flagged up “a little too many adverts (ads)” – when you’re unhappy, we’re unhappy – so today, we’ve made a few changes:

  • We’ve reduced the number of adverts shown on UploadMe;
  • Our new advert program “UploadAds” will now try and show adverts that are more relevant (to the image; not yourself – we do no track) for example if you’re browsing an image which shows a screen capture of Windows 8.1 we will try and show relevant ads such as ads for Windows 8, 8.1 or Microsoft for that image.

Thanks again and keep forwarding your feedback to us. :-)

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